In-stock April 16. Just in time for spring, our new dried collection is here! This collection has a combination of pampas grass and fresh flowers, which is sure to be a conversation piece. This unique combination reminds me of my three sibling's personalities fun, loving, and laid back.


Pampas grass can be everlasting and requires no water to upkeep. Once the fresh flowers have expired, you can put the pampas stems in a bud vase or add them to your home decor.


*To ensure the best blooms and availability we encourage pre-orders. Flower selections may vary based on seasonal availability. Design is designers choice but will relay aesthetic and feel. 


**NOTE: Available to Raleigh & Surrounding ONLY**


Deliveries to Durham will take place on Saturday mornings. We offer delivery in Raleigh on Friday and Saturday. Delivery addresses outside of our radius will be available for pickup only.

The Mix

  • The actual bouquet may not match the photo; its temperament will. All of our bouquets are one-of-a-kind. However, it will have the same beauty, uniqueness, and vibe as the photo. 


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