Who We Are

Distinctive and Stylish Elegance

As a North Carolina-based bespoke floral design studio. Élan House's roots lives into its name. "Élan" is synonymous with a level of elegance, urbanity, and finesse that defines floral artist Shannon Hill. And "House" from the family name of her mother and inspirer-in-chief who created fearless and innovative floral, bridal and formal gowns. With a healthy does of chutzpah in her DNA, Shannon brings fresh thinking and storytelling complemented by her love of color and texture to each one-of-a-kind design. 

Shannon's ideas are sparked by the energy of a bustling city, great music, her career in the PR and digital advertising industry and traveling the world.

​Élan House strives to shape, create, and design florals for all events and memorable moments tailored to each individual. We believe you take note of what's in front of you, and escape into a world of distinctive, stylish elegance.