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Elan House


Bringing the Christmas designer look to your space has never been more accessible. Due to high demand, we now offer a ready-made product to deliver across the continental United States and for local pickup. 


Our professional design concepts and services help provide you with stress-free Christmas. Our kit allows us to bring you Christmas no matter where you live. We offer a unique mix of ornaments, ribbons, and branches collected over time from a variety of big-name retailers.


The Details


How Does It Work?

1. Pick your color or theme

2. Pick your Fullness level: Regal (140 pieces), Extravagant (295 pieces), Bountiful (464 pieces)

3. Prep product

* A mix of glass, shatterproof ornaments, assorted shapes, and sizes, finished with ribbons and branches. 

* Tree Skirt

4. Final review.

5. Shipping. 

6. Email how-to video instructions for decor and tips. 


Starting at $825. - Prices include custom design and shopping time.
View our IG @elanhouse highlights for our Christmas designs.

Email us for a 15-minute consultation or to purchase. 

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