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Come With Me: BeyGood Black Parade Luncheon

I'm still on cloud nine! But let me share how it all started.

I received an invite in July from the BeyGood team to RSVP to the Charlotte luncheon on August 8. I responded and then went into full-on shock. But I could not say a word to anyone, and if you know anything about an Aquarius, that's not a problem!

I immediately went into planning even though I didn't have any details. What am I going to wear? How can I showcase my talents without being weird? What will the luncheon entail? Who will be our speaker? So many thoughts.

As the date approached, more information was released. Our speaker would be Michael Eric Dyson and only 100 small businesses were chosen to attend. My excitement about being in the room skyrocketed!

Walking into the ballroom was like a dream come true. The BeyGood team and the attendees were so lovely. The room was decorated beautifully and the lunch was amazing.

The impact that Beyonce has behind the scenes is significant. She is all about spreading good and uplifting the community. I love how she does it in a silent but gracious way. Michael Eric Dyson dropped some pivotal gems. Ivy MacGregor was phenomenal, and I loved speaking with her.

We began to eat lunch and continued to network for about another 45 minutes. Ivy came back on stage and said it was time to announce the ten small businesses that would receive $10,000 in grant money from Beyoncé, the MOTHER of Renaissance of Good.

Everyone was so excited, and the energy in the room was on another level. The first business name was called, and everyone clapped, yelled, and screamed. The second name was called, and wait a minute, it was Élan House. That’s right, she said my name Élan House! Not literally, but her team did. She knows me!

I felt like I was glued to my chair. I thought I was in the twilight zone. I could barely leave my seat because I was shocked as I walked to the stage. I was so excited my hands were shaking, I almost burst into tears, but then I remembered, girl, you can’t cry, you cannot mess up your makeup. I kept telling myself to let all this good energy fill me up and enjoy the moment, but not mess up my makeup because the cameras were in the room, girl.

Winning the grant was the cherry on top. I am so grateful to Beyoncé and BeyGood for selecting my business as part of the Black Parade Route. I had such a great time networking with all who attended. I also got to share this moment with my close friend Teneé (her Mommin brand is dope), and I must say that my table was lit!

Attending the luncheon added that needed spark, especially when i’m brainstorming and making difficult decisions. The luncheon confirmed that I am on the right track and doing what I’m supposed to do now. It was confirmation for me to keep going!



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Such an awesome one-of-a-kind experience. I am so happy to have our businesses recognized and celebrated together. Even more happy to witness you receive the grant. This is just the beginning thanks for sharing!!❣️


What a privilege and honor 🙏🏼🙌🫶.Thank you for sharing a very special time in your life with your fans!!! I met you from being a security gard at the Wells Fargo building and just from your conversations and kindness, I knew that you were a shining star. Keep pushing because you got this. I'll be waiting for your next feed💕


Sia Gattis
Sia Gattis
Oct 02, 2023

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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